Easy for schools to set up their Uniform shop online

Our e-shop online complements your existing physical shop but provides the parents with the convenience of 24/7 access while allowing the convener more flexibility in managing the store.

GlobalSaaS makes it easy for schools to set up their Uniform and Books shop online. We offer a friendly integrated online solution, which allows schools to gradually move their Uniform and Books shop online.

It is FREE for the school. Uniform shop online solution is a free service for the school. The service is funded through a small surcharge on users as they place each order.

  • There is no term contract for schools or parents.
  • There is no minimum transaction level required.
  • Uniform and Books online shop is located within the schools website, so is easy to find and easy to use.
  • The school and/or the P&C stay in total control of the system with the highest levels of financial security and reporting.


  • Parents can place orders anytime and anywhere
  • Online orders are sent directly to the Uniform shop convenor
  • Parents can provide child’s measurements and the appropriate size will be sent to them, avoiding the need to “try on” various sizes

Saves Time

  • All orders can be printed on one sheet, removing the need for the Uniform shop convenor to collate individual order forms
  • Removes the need for parents to visit the school at specific times to try on school uniforms
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Minimises cash on the school site


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