Online Meal Ordering and much much more...

Its FREE for the schools, it earns extra funds for the schools, it can have a phased trial implementation - it's no risk

Online Tuckshop is a FREE solution for schools to give parents the option of ordering meals online from the school canteen. Orders for student meals arrive overnight from parents who have ordered online. The system allows ordering up to a fortnight ahead. Instead of volunteers collecting paper bags, money and orders in the morning, they simply have to press the print button.

Time Saving on Accounting Practices

  • Once parents place an order, the money is already on the way to the school’s nominated bank account. No more taking of cash at lunch or recess and working out change. All that needs to happen is for canteen staff to hand out the pre-packed orders

Improved Reporting

  • School Tuckshop Online can provide daily aggregated reporting for total orders. A history of orders per day and season can be accumulated to make re-ordering and stock control more efficient.

New Revenue

  • This is a user pays system where parents pay a very small surcharge to order items online but ultimately they are still likely to be saving compared to the traditional method of handing over cash to their child in the hope it will be spent on healthy food.(see Parent’s Benefits). Parent Associations and/or Canteen Coordinators in conjunction with the school can set the total percentage of surcharge to be paid. This surcharge then goes partly to maintain the system (usually 5 or 6%) and the balance over and above this is paid to the P&C, school and/or canteen as revenue. This revenue sharing model allows parent associations and canteens to be partners with parents to improve the health of children, save parents some money and assist in school security. It also provides funds that over time to purchase such items as air conditioning, sporting equipment and computers.

Student Benefits

  • Parents and teachers reflect the same messages on nutrition. Education becomes a holistic and consistent message.
  • Risks with carrying cash associated with personal safety and loss are eliminated.
  • Students can sit with parents and plan their meals up to a fortnight ahead and enjoy a consultative approach to planning their diet.
  • Parents may choose to allow their children to order their own meals through this system.
  • Education on diet is re-enforced in a non-confrontational medium.
  • Less time is spent waiting in line while other children choose items, find money in pockets and wait for change to be delivered. This allows for more interaction time with friends during breaks.
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For schools considering our solution we offer a simple step by step, no risk, trial process and it’s all totally free. Once you nominate your school, provide us with contact details, a menu and the web site address we can either have one of our talented consultants call you or we can simply build your site and send you a link to it on a staging platform.


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